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Car Rental Venice

Car rental Venice can be handy, particularly for cruising throughout the mainland that is linked with the A4 Highway. In any other case it is usually ideal to utilize the water cabs in addition to public water buses that take you directly to the old part of Venice. Although very expensive service, you will not need car rental Venice if your intention is to stay in the centre of the most popular part of the city. In case you decide to use car rental Venice you will have to leave the car at Piazzale Roma. Driving restrictions in Venice as well as Italy ought to always be followed, to prevent yourself from significant penalties. By no means will be drunken driving accepted, as well as seat straps should be used at all times. Mobile devices might only be utilized using a wireless headset or hands-free device any time driving a car. Absolutely no exceeding the speed limit permitted. In Venice, driving rates of speed are restricted to ninty kilometers per hour on the open roadways, fifty kilometers per hour in towns and 130km/h on the freeways (Autostrada).